Beware the Screenslaver

About me. Hobbies include: movies, longform journalism, lists, gum, boxing, LEGO, sincerity, junk food, NBA, journaling, and the color gray.

I tend to think of design as the most personal of things: a way of reaching goals, making decisions, managing relationships, communicating, learning — being intentional as we negotiate our everyday lives. I’ve had some fun as a graphic designer, but many of the most satisfying moments of my life have been in the classroom, watching students learn new things about themselves and each other in the midst of the design process.

I have a Master of Design degree from the University of Washington, where I’m currently teaching Intro. to Visual Communication Design (DESIGN 265). And where, as a grad student, I studied design and media literacy in classrooms, which led to a job teaching those things at Charles Wright Academy, where I’ll be full-time in August, and which I’m super stoked for.

Right now, I’m watching The Bachelorette and Crash Course Media Literacy, reading Dictionary Stories and Jonah Hex, Vol. 2, and listening to .

About this site. Rubik is the typeface. I write the text in Markdown with FoldingText, upload the files with Launchbar and FTP Alias, and then Kirby converts them to HTML. Link colors generated with randomColor.js.

Updated July 16, 2018.