Never Be Closing

About Joe. I live in Seattle, but I’m from Omaha, Nebraska. I chew more gum than anyone I know. I believe in journaling, lists, and the color gray.

I tend to think of design as the most personal of things: a way of reaching goals, making decisions, managing relationships, communicating, learning — being intentional and negotiating our everyday lives. I’ve had some fun as a graphic designer, but many of the most satisfying moments of my life have been as a teacher, watching students learn new things about themselves and each other in the midst of the design process.

I have a Master of Design degree from the University of Washington, where I studied media literacy, technology, and design skills in classrooms. I’m the digital literacy teacher for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Charles Wright Academy — a cool job! Some day, I’d like to work for LEGO Education.

Right now, I’m watching Black Mirror⁴, The Bachelor, NBA Streams, and Riverdale², reading You’ve Gotta Connect and Understanding Comics, and listening to Kauf: Regrowth/As Much Again and Lane 8: Little by Little.

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Updated February 14, 2018. Photo from UW Design 2016.