About Joe. I live in Seattle, but I'm from Omaha, Nebraska. I see more movies in the theater than anyone I know. I love Taco Bell.

I tend to think about design as the most personal of things: a way of reaching goals, making decisions, managing relationships, learning, communicating — just negotiating our everyday lives. I've had some fun as a graphic designer, but many of the most satisfying moments of my life have been as a teacher, watching students learn new things about themselves and each other in the midst of the design process.

I have a Master of Design degree from the University of Washington, where I'm now teaching Intro to Applied Design (265a) and Intro to Color, Composition & Typography (265c). Soon, I'm hoping to also teach design and digital literacy to middle schoolers somewhere in Seattle. Some day, I'd like to work for LEGO Education.

Currently, I'm watching . Casual³,. The Bachelorette,. CrashCourse Sociology, and . Calling Bullshit, listening to . Bayonne: Primitives, and reading . The Kingdom and the Power.

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Updated July 21, 2017. Photo from the UW Design Students 2016 site. More resume stuff here.