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Sparano Scale

30 November, 2016
A way to quantify and talk about feelings.

Rating                  Relative frequency
Great™         + +      ·
Good™          +        ··················
Not Great™     -        ··················
Not Good™      - -      ···

It’s personal

The ratings aren’t objective. They’re a measurement of just one person’s feelings about something.

It’s conversational

The ratings are in plain language, so most people already know the scale.

It’s meaningful

There’s no ambivalent choice, so all ratings hold weight.

A fixed set of options means that Good™ is also not Great™, not Not Great™, and not Not Good™.

Choosing a rating

It’s easy to identify Great™ and Not Good™ (the extremes).

It can be helpful to decide between Good™ and Not Great™ by thinking in terms of positive/negative or recommended/not.

Ratings may change over time, and that’s OK. Good™s often move up to Great™s, and vice versa.


On a 5-point scale: skip the 3.
On a 10-point scale: use 1, 4, 7, 10.


“How was the Husker game?”
“Not Great™.”

“Did you see Hell or High Water?”
“Yeah, it was really Good™.”

“How do I look?”

Great™s are rare and important

Everyone’s list of Great™s is a unique combination of their taste + experience.

The qualities that make something Great™ are different for everyone.

Great™s help isolate the things in the world that hold the most meaning. Listed together, they reveal patterns that help us understand ourselves. And by comparing lists, we can learn more about each other.

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