The things I’m working towards. I believe in the reciprocal relationship of goals and design — that it’s not possible to reach a goal without designing a way towards it, or to design without first setting a goal.

Summer of Joe (2020)

  • organize LEGO 06.07
  • clear unread book shelf 06.22
  • clear Instapaper queue 06.29
  • taxes 06.30
  • start Notes on Technology page 07.02
  • read teaching book #1 (You’ve Gotta Connect) 07.09
  • catch up on journaling 07.16
  • read Understanding Comics 07.30
  • paper inbox 07.31
  • scan old photos 08.06
  • update Teaching page (add CWA projects)
  • read Whistling Vivaldi
  • CWA files/notes cleanup
  • all movie ratings page
  • re-read all Great™ essays

Projects  big

  • cheeseslope.com (small LEGO builds)
  • How to Learn about Yourself class/website
  • interview series with CWA kids
  • game prototype

Projects  medium

Projects  small

Teachers Pay Teachers projects to build

  • Square + Circle
  • Are Video Games Designed to Be Good for You?
  • Emoji & Representation
  • Memes
  • LEGO Microscale

Games to play

Tattoos I would get if I ever actually get tattoos

Life goals

  • be a dad
  • find a job that matters, that I can do well, and that I enjoy (the criteria of A Good Day) 2017.10.30
  • be a full-time teacher 2018.08.29
  • move out of Omaha 2014.09.01
  • live in a dense metropolis 2014.09.07
  • work for yourself 2012.05.25
  • retire from graphic design, for good 2018.03.18
  • travel to Japan
  • travel to Germany 2009.06.17
  • live in Europe and/or Japan for at least six months
  • go to Disney World again (as an adult)
  • travel to Vegas
  • watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC
  • learn to play the drums (well)
  • learn to ski
  • go to LEGO Land 2009.06.29
  • go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • visit a ghost town 2014.08.03
  • go to A Christmas Story House
  • attend a studio sitcom taping
  • watch an on-location movie/TV show taping 2010.07.14
  • drink alone in a bar 2014.03.30
  • take a long-distance train trip (Amtrak Rail Pass)
  • deliver a Great™ speech
  • own a really nice suit
  • fly first class
  • eat at an absurdly expensive restaurant
  • stay in the penthouse suite at a nice hotel and order room service
  • live in a tiny houseboat
  • live in a nice apartment 2018.12.03
  • live in a place with a doorman
  • attend an NBA game 2014.12.15
  • sit in the front row, half-court of an NBA game
  • watch the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in person
  • live in a city with an NBA team and have season tickets
  • compete in a beatbox competition
  • have a movie theater room
  • own a Galaga arcade machine
  • own a working Mac Classic
  • own an animated neon sign

Life goals I’m undecided about

  • work for LEGO / LEGO Education
  • skydive
  • get a tattoo
  • learn Japanese

Life goals I changed my mind about

  • find a lady
  • be happy
  • register a trademark
  • file a patent
  • write a book about design (Solve Problems™)
  • become a millionaire
  • learn to play the piano (well)
  • be recognized with a teaching award of some kind
  • own an NBA Jam: TE arcade machine

Updated August 30, 2020.